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Scale and optimize your podcast sponsorship channel


Go broad or be specific by selecting the podcasts that you would prefer to sponsor with our targeting capabilities.


Easily insert our tracking pixel to your landing page and success page to track the traffic and conversion performance for each sponsorship.


Don't waste your time on creating custom audio recordings that are programtically inserted into ads. Host reads are proven to perform better.


Increase your sponsorship demand

Stop worrying about managing the back and forth with brands. Focus more of your time on delivering great content to your audience and we focus on continuing to generate more sponsorship opportunities.


Charge what you want and get paid quickly.


Know exactly how your sponsor's campaigns are performing from each individual sponsored episode.


5% of the sponsorship goes directly to a non profit.


5% of all sponsorships go to help those in need with access to technology

For every sponsorship we book, we donate directly to a great cause that provides low-income individuals and nonprofits with technology, internet, and digital training.

human I-T is a nonprofit committed to empowering people through technology and information to achieve their full potential. With more than 82 million Americans lacking access to a computer with Internet in their home, primarily because of cost, they promote digital inclusion and access by offering programs that provide technology, low-cost Internet access, tech support services, and digital literacy training to low-income communities. They also promote environmental sustainability by taking in unwanted technology from businesses, refurbishing it, and donating it back out to the community, diverting millions of pounds of e-waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill each year.

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